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As E-Mail goes, perhaps more  bandwidth is used passing jokes around than any other use of the technology.  Like everyone else, I certainly get my share.   These are some of my favorites.

Watching You Things are not always what they seem.
Public Servants A 90's look at civil service.
Dalmatians You got some 'splainin' to do!
How to Sing the Blues The definitive guide.
Yesterday New lyrics for an old favorite.
Ten Simple Rules Simple dating guidelines any father can use.
Obituary Doughboy dead at 71!
The Law The race is on.
Performance Evaluation Comments from employee evaluations.
State Motto's Some new suggestions we don't expect to see.
Disorder in the Court Courtroom testimony.
Dear Mom and Dad Letter home from summer camp.
Fruit Cake Recipe A traditional holiday treat revisited.
What They Really Mean How to decipher those employment adds.
Wanting it All Be careful what you wish for.

NOTE:   In most cases, I have no idea who the original author of any of these is, only that it was not me. If you have any information regarding copyright, please E_Mail me.

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