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Welcome to My Home Page!

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My name is Robert (Bob) Bayles, also known on IRC (internet relay chat)  as Python27.  This page is my personal forum, and includes some jokes, quotes, info about our home, and other oddities that may appear as time and inclination may dictate.   It is my hope that you will find something of interest here, and that you enjoy your visit.

Most evenings, East Coast US time, I can be found in channel #40+coffeehouse on the Undernet IRC Network.  The "coffeehouse" provides an excellent medium for meeting new friends, and keeping up with old ones.  Our channel home page* features pictures and bio's of many of our channel users, as well as additional information about the channel, the Undernet, and IRC.

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(* Big thanks to Walter and Dodi Horowitz, AKA: LapLander and GoFurr, for hosting the #40+coffeehouse home page on their business server.  Be sure to visit the Mardovar Group web site.)

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