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Some Other Noteworthy Web Sites

coffee_icon.jpg (7626 bytes) Visit the home page of Undernet IRC channel #40+coffeehouse to view pictures and bio's of some of our regular members.  A fun, friendly environment for meeting new friends.
party_page_icon.jpg (4285 bytes) On September 25-6, 1999  members of the #40+coffeehouse IRC  channel met for a channel party in Marlton NJ.  Click here to view some pictures of that event.
Logo ®mIRC Co. Ltd. To use IRC you need a small program like mIRC, a shareware IRC client for Windows. Written by Khaled Mardam-Bey, mIRC is a friendly program that is well equipped with options and tools.
Logo ©1999 Dr. R. I. Feigenblatt Ronolog is a text-to-speech program that works with the mIRC Internet Relay Chat client,  allowing greater accessibility to IRC for the vision impaired. Check out the new GoFurr ® character set.
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Home Pages of Some of my IRC Friends

ChIcKiE - Cathy is a 911 dispatcher in the NY, NJ, PA Tri-State area. Personal info, emergency services, pictures, and local area info.

GoFurr - Her Mardovar Kennels site has pictures and info about her championship golden retrievers.

LapLander - Walter has almost 30 years experience in the computer industry. Competent to meet nearly any networking or IT need, his certifications include the MCSE.


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