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I see myself as a child still eager to learn,

Yet loathe to accept what passes for reason...

(Gordon Lightfoot)

Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs--the experts built the Titanic!

In Remembrance of a Man

James Gunn
 (Used by permission.)

Art thou a knight, the children asked,
That leads the battle on the knoll?
No, not in glory have I basked,
But only served my fellow soul.

Does thou thrill to bear thy sword,
Remembered as a martyr be?
Only in service to my Lord,
Preserved with his integrity.

So how shall we remember thee,
A warrior with a cast iron hand?
With kindness and compassion please,
Remember that I was a man.

In memory of Trooper John R. Davis, taken too soon in a patrol car accident near Nashville Tennessee.

[Webmaster Note:  I think this poem is also a tribute  to the courage and dedication of the men and women of law enforcement agencies everywhere. People who put their lives on the line every day; people like  Officer Russ Sorrow, who in an age where some men make millions for playing ball, gave his life on the streets of Greenville South Carolina at  a salary that should cause us all to hang our heads in shame. Thanks Jim.]

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